Stainless Steak Button Box Set


Never worry about your steaks again. Just leave this button in the meat while you cook and when the desired doneness is reached, pull your steak out and enjoy breath taking steaks. Includes 4 buttons.

Warranty: Lifetime


The Steak Button Thermometer Set by Charcoal Companion contains 4 individual button type thermometers. Each thermometer has a 1-inch, easy to read thermometer face with temperature readings for rare, medium and well done. Each thermometer also has a 2.5″ probe that can be inserted even into the thickest cuts of meat. These button thermometers are designed to be placed into a steak and the tail end of the cooking cycle so that you can get each steak cooked just right.

4 Thermometers per package. Dimensions: 1″ face, 2.5″ stem

Weight 0.2 lbs